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Anupamaa: 15 May 2023 Anuj will appear before Anupama goes to America there will be a big drama

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In today’s episode, Anupama thanks, Malti. Malti asks Anupama to complete her work within a month and she has to go to the USA with Bhairavi. Anupama says after a long wait her childhood dream is going to be fulfilled. Samar and Dimple feed sweets to everyone.

The Shah family blesses Samar and Dimple but Leela talks rudely with Dimple. Dimple asks Leela why she always talks badly with her. Leela says that she doesn’t love him.

Anupama’s luck will shine

Anupama checks her mobile and says that the battery is dead. Nakul meets Anupama and Bhairavi and Bhairavi asks Nakul if Malti is always angry. Nakul says Malti is very nice, Malti looks at Anupama, Nakul and Bhairavi from a distance.

Nakul asks Anupama to get ready as her life is about to change soon. Anupama calls Kanta. Kanta tells Anupama that she can feel her happiness. Anupama tells Kanta and Bhavesh that Malti wants to send her to USA. Anupama tells Kanta that she is going to USA with Malti.

Preparation for marriage
Bhavesh and Kanta decide to go to America to meet Anupama. Leela calls Anupama and asks her to come home as she wants to talk about Samar and Dimple. Anupama visits the Shah family. Leela asks Anupama to make preparations for Samar and Dimple’s wedding as she cannot handle everything due to her age.

Anupama tells Shah that she is going to USA soon with Malti. Leela, Paritosh and Vanraj get shocked. Hasmukh, Pakhi and Kinjal get happy. Leela asks Anupama when she will prepare for Dimple and Samar’s wedding. Samar says that Anupama should focus on her training. Vanraj wishes Anupama all the best.

Precap: Samar and Dimple’s pre-wedding function begins. Anupama dreams of Anuj.


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