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The Kerala Story maker Vipul Amrutlal Shah requests CM Mamta Banerjee to watch the film

Know The News | The Kerala Story’s maker Vipul Amritlal Shah requests Mamta Banerjee, wants to show his

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The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story: The Bollywood film ‘The Kerala Story‘ was released on 5th May and since then it is continuing its strong run at the box office. Despite many controversies, this film has managed to win the hearts of the people. We all know that the film was banned in West Bengal after its release.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had asked for a ban on the film to maintain peace in the state. And on Thursday evening, the Supreme Court stayed the West Bengal government’s ban on ‘The Kerala Story’. After this, now Maker Shah made a request to Mamta Banerjee.

Want to hear CM’s review

The film’s producer Vipul Amritlal Shah requested Mamata Banerjee to watch the film. He said the team would like to hear his “valid criticism”. The producer of ‘The Kerala Story’ has urged CM Mamata Banerjee to watch the film. Speaking to ANI, Vipul said that they can discuss their differences after the CM sees the film.

requested with folded hands

He said, “I would like to request Mamta Didi with folded hands to watch this film with us and discuss with us if she finds anything like it. We would like to listen to all her valid criticisms and present our point of view. This is democracy.” That’s what we talk about. We can agree to disagree. We can discuss our difference. That’s my request and we will wait.”

Director expressed happiness

Director Sudipto Sen also reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision. He termed the ban as ‘illegal’ and praised the decision. He told ANI, “No state can ban a film after it has been passed by the censor board. This ban was illegal. The Supreme Court once again proved that everyone has the right to watch a film, Whether you like it or not, you can.” Do not stop anyone by force.

We have always trusted the Supreme Court… Thank you to all the people who supported us including people from West Bengal and Tamil Nadu who reached out to me. They can watch the movie tomorrow.”

Now the film will be screened in theaters in West Bengal

The Supreme Court on Thursday stayed the ban in West Bengal. The court asked the producer of the film to put a disclaimer that the Kerala story was a ‘fictional version’ and there was no authentic data for the claim that 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls converted to Islam. The film will now be screened in theaters across West Bengal.


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