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Why did Sanjay Dutt start applying the red vaccine in the 90s? You will be surprised to know the reason, the matter is related to the police case

Mumbai. These days Sanjay Dutt is looting accolades by playing negative characters in films. But he is a top lead actor in the 80-90s. He earned a lot of fame as a lead actor. Along with this, he was surrounded by controversies. He was accused of illegally possessing arms and having links with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

Sanjay was going through a bad phase in the last year of the 90s. Seeing this, his father and veteran actor Sunil Dutt gave him an order, so that Sanjay’s image could be improved. Sunil and Sanjay also got to see its effect.

Sanjay Dutt started applying red tika on his forehead in the 90s. When he used to go in front of the public, there was a long tilak on his forehead. The reason for this was that in the year 1993, he was arrested by the police in a case related to the Mumbai bomb blasts.

After the arrest, Sanjay said that the police were trapping him and he was being tortured because the blood of a Muslim was flowing in his veins.

Please tell that Sanjay Dutt’s maternal grandmother was Muslim and his mother Nargis Dutt’s mother belonged to a Muslim family. At the same time, due to his connection with Dawood Ibrahim, Sanjay was being called anti-national and people were also looking at him as a terrorist.

This is the reason, Sunil Dutt was told by the people living with him that Sanjay Dutt would have to show the image of a staunch Hindu.

When Sanjay Dutt got bail for the first time, he had a red tika on his forehead and he was wearing a red thread in his hand. When Sanjay Dutt came out of jail, people saw him as a staunch Hindu.

After this, Sanjay Dutt was seen applying Tilak on many occasions and tying a red thread in his hand. Not only this, but he was also seen wearing his mother’s chunri around his neck.


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