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Digvijay Singh met angry Congress leaders; Direct target the state government.

Digvijay Singh met angry Congress leaders; the State government targeted

Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh reached Sidhi on Friday. Here he tried to pacify the angry Congress leaders. Election time is coming near, in such a situation BJP and Congress are continuously active.

Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh said that former Chief Minister Arjun Singh had started many schemes including Tendupatta, land lease to the poor, Ek Batti Connection, and Indira Awas. Whose benefit was being given to the people of the entire state including the district?

BJP does it for the rich

The former CM alleged that the BJP was working for the interest of the rich instead of the interest of the poor. Poor are getting poorer day by day. Getting richer and richer. The condition of the state is much worse.

Here the road from Sidhi to Singrauli has not been completed in more than 12 years, the railway work is also incomplete. The law was being studied at Sanjay Gandhi College, which too has been closed for a long time.

show off in the name of cow protection

Digvijay Singh alleged that the Chief Minister is holding a cow protection conference. Inaugurating mobile veterinary units. Similarly, he had done a program for 108 ambulances. Where is that ambulance? The complaint comes, ambulances are used to distribute liquor and money during elections.

Kamal Nath had promised to open 1000 gaushalas, their construction had also started. Even today they are lying empty, and animals are on the streets. There is no arrangement for fodder for them. Because of this, the gaushalas are closed.

Digvijay Singh said that when the wife of Kailash Joshi’s son Deepak Joshi fell ill, the Collector of Dewas and the District Medical Officer could not provide an ambulance to his wife. Because of this, he died.

Three factions in BJP

He alleged that three factions are running in the BJP, the Maharaj faction, the Shivraj faction, and the Angry faction. There is a fight going on between these three for contract, loot, and income. The public is clearly seeing this, in the coming days the people of the state will give its answer.


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