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Haryana Rewari Deepti Murder Case Additional Sessions Court Guilty Hemant Lamba Update

Deepti was Shot Dead In 2019: Also Hit The Cab Driver.

Hemant Lamba, the convict who shot dead his girlfriend in Haryana’s Rewari, will be sentenced on Friday by the Additional Sessions Court. He was convicted by the court 2 days back. Hemant is also accused of killing a cab driver the day after his girlfriend’s murder. This case is going on in Rajasthan court.

In fact, the body of Deepti (24), originally a resident of a high-profile house in Sangaria town of Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan, was found lying on Nandrampur Bass Road in Dharuhera, an industrial town of Rewari district, on 6 December 2019. A bullet was found on his private part. A few days later the police revealed the murder case.

She was murdered by none other than her boyfriend Hemant Lamba, a resident of Delhi’s Vishwas Nagar. Deepti used to live in Delhi with her family. His father had a business in sangria. The family had also settled in Delhi due to Deepti’s studies. His father was handling his business from Delhi itself.

friendship through Facebook
Dipti had befriended Hemant Lamba through Facebook. The conversation between the two continued for two months. Hemant Lamba, a bodybuilder by profession, called her one day on the pretext of a meeting. Not liking the face, he shot and killed her inside the car. Hemant brought Deepti’s dead body to Dharuhera and threw it.

Along with this, he ran away taking his phone and other things with him. When the Dharuhera police station found the location of Deepti’s missing mobile, it turned out to be active. A cab book was found on an app from the same number, but when the police reached the driver of that cab, it was found that the driver was missing. Later, the body of the cab driver Devendra Kumar was found on the Ajmer Bypass in the Jaipur area of ​​Rajasthan.

In fact, after Deepti’s murder, Hemant Lamba left his car and ran away after booking a cab from Deepti’s mobile. On the way, he also shot and killed Devendra. Since the cab driver suspected Hemant Lamba. After which, seeing the deserted place, Hemant killed him too. Whose case is going on in Rajasthan?

Caught when he went to sell a car in Gujarat
After committing the double murder, Hemant Lamba reached Surat in Gujarat. He had Devendra’s cab with him. In Surat itself, he had come to sell cabs at a fair. But on the suspicion of selling the expensive car at a cheap price, the dealer got suspicious and called the number written on the cab, and from here Hemant came on the radar of the police.

The numbers written on the cab belonged to the company. The company immediately informed the Dharuhera police station. Dharuhera police contacted Surat police and immediately arrested Hemant.

The car used in Deepti’s murder was hacked in Delhi.
Earlier, Hemant Lamba had used another luxury car to kill Deepti. Immediately after the massacre, he sold a place in Delhi and brought it to Katwa.

Separated each and every part of it, so that there is no evidence left. However, later the police had collected all the evidence. He left for Jaipur after booking a cab from Deepti’s phone. Later he threw that phone also on the way and then killed the cab driver Devendra.

the sentence will be pronounced today
Government Advocate Jagbir Sehrawat told that Hemant Lamba was convicted by the court two days ago in Deepti’s murder case. An FIR was registered against him under sections 302 and 201 at Dharuhera police station. In which a total of 26 witnesses including the police were presented in the court.

All the evidence related to the case was kept. The Additional Sessions Court convicted him. He will be sentenced today i.e. on Friday. Advocate Jagbir Sehrawat said that he will place before the court a demand for the death sentence for Hemant Lamba.


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