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Heavy rains due to cyclone ‘Mawar’ in this country, floods in many areas, and increased risk of landslides

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Heavy rains due to cyclone ‘Mawar’ in this country, floods in many areas, and increased risk of landslides

Cyclone in Japan: Japan has been hit by the weather. Due to cyclone ‘Mawar’ in the far eastern country of Asia, there is a danger of landslides along with heavy rains. The risk of land subsidence is also very high in many areas. Heavy rain caused by Typhoon Mawar lashed Japan on Friday, raising the risk of flooding and landslides in southern and western areas.

Train operations have been suspended due to the cyclone. In western and central Japan, a forecast of 35 cm of rain has been expressed in 24 hours till Saturday morning. Residents in vulnerable areas including Wakayama, Kochi in the west, and Nagano in central Japan were issued warnings of flash floods and landslides and were advised to move to safer places.

Television footage showed rivers in spate in the city of Wakayama. Afternoon classes have been canceled at some schools in Tokyo. Shinkansen super-express trains have been suspended or running late due to heavy rains between Tokyo and Okayama, according to the Central Japan Railway Company. Flights and ferries have also been canceled in southern Japan due to persistent strong winds.

What is a cyclone?

A cyclone is a structure that forms around warm air with low atmospheric pressure. When hot air from one side and cold air from the other side meet, it starts taking the shape of a circular storm, it is called a cyclone.

In India too, cyclones cause heavy rains in the coastal areas. Tropical cyclones bring rain to India. Especially the cyclone coming in the Bay of Bengal causes heavy rains in the coastal areas of states like Tamil Nadu, Bengal, and Odisha. Due to Cyclone ‘Mocha’, there was a lot of rain in the Bay of Bengal, especially in the coastal areas of Bangladesh.


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