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Rajasthan Sanganer BJP MLA Ashok Lahoti On Jaipur JDA | Rajasthan News

n the campaign with the cities, the administration is setting up camps only for the plans of the builders.

Jaipur JDA is only regularizing the plans of builders in the campaign with the cities. Sanganer MLA Ashok Lahoti reached Jaipur JDA today and demanded an inquiry into the matter. Along with this, he also demanded to get the road and drainage works done in the area soon.

On seeing the MLA who reached the JDA headquarters in the afternoon with about 20 to 40 supporters, JDC Ravi Jain stopped the ongoing meeting in the Manthan Auditorium midway and sent the officials out. Many councilors of the Sanganer area and their supporters were present along with the MLA.

In his presence, JDC held a meeting with the MLA for about one and a half hours and heard about the problems in his area.

During this, he called the Deputy Commissioner and Engineers of the concerned zone and instructed them to get each and every problem resolved at the earliest.

The most prominent of these was the renovation of Main Sheopur Road located in Pratap Nagar, the repair of the road from Malpura Gate to mouth in Sanganer, and the development of a drainage system in colonies situated on Sanganer Rampura Road.

Even about 6 months ago, Lahoti demonstrated in JDA regarding the problem of these roads and drainage.

Demand to get the camp investigated
Talking to the media after the meeting, the MLA said that the administration is campaigning with the cities and accused them of setting up regulation camps only for builders’ schemes. He asked JDC Ravi Jain to investigate the matter.

He said that get the details of the camp for the last 4 months taken out. In this, it will be known that out of the builder’s settlement schemes and the earlier settlement schemes of the society, which schemes have more camps? Lahoti accused JDA deputy commissioners of colluding with builders to benefit them and organize camps for their projects.


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