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Tamil Nadu Flood
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Tamil Nadu Flood: 10 people died in southern districts of Tamil Nadu

In an unprecedented deluge wreaking havoc upon the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena reported a grim toll on Tuesday.

Tamil Nadu Flood: 10 people died in southern districts of Tamil Nadu
Image Credit: The Week

Disturbingly, ten individuals succumbed to the relentless rains and ensuing floods, with tragic consequences echoing in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Kanniyakumari, and Tenkasi districts.

The toll extended beyond human lives, as a staggering count revealed the demise of 26 buffaloes, 297 goats, 110 calves, and a staggering 29,500 chickens, marking a devastating impact on the region’s agriculture and livelihood.

Addressing the press in Chennai, Mr. Meena delineated the tragic details. Seven souls met their fate in Tirunelveli, while three faced a similar destiny in Thoothukudi. “Among the casualties, three perished in a wall collapse, two succumbed to electrocution, three lost their lives to floods, and one tragically drowned. Additionally, one individual’s demise was attributed to natural causes,” he solemnly conveyed.

Reflecting on Minister for Milk and Dairy Development Mano Thangaraj’s social media post, Chief Secretary Meena stressed the importance of timely predictions by the India Meteorological Department.

Quoting the forecast, he emphasized the anticipation of isolated, heavy to very heavy rainfall, with an ominous mention of extremely heavy rainfall in specific locales. “Despite our preparedness for heavy rainfall, Kayalpattinam experienced an astonishing 115 cm of rain in just two days, surpassing any contingency plans we had in place,” Mr. Meena lamented.

Tamil Nadu Flood
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Amid the calamity, Mr. Meena disclosed the establishment of 160 relief camps, accommodating 16,680 distressed individuals. The commitment to providing aid extended beyond these camps, with the distribution of 34,000 food packets to affected villages and urban areas. Notably, Srivaikuntam remained inaccessible, even by boat, due to severe road damage.

Highlighting the scale of the response effort, Mr. Meena revealed the deployment of nine helicopters, facilitating the delivery of 13,500 kg of food. Electricity restoration proved challenging in Thoothukudi district, with 60% of localities still submerged. Further complicating relief efforts, Tiruchendur faced persistent heavy showers, impeding helicopter operations.

Addressing concerns about financial relief, Mr. Meena emphasized the immediate focus on rescuing flood-stranded individuals. Future steps, including damage assessment and financial relief decisions, will be under the consideration of the Chief Minister. In the face of adversity, the coordination with the Air Force and Navy, coupled with relentless rescue efforts, epitomizes the resilience of Tamil Nadu in times of crisis.


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