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Theft of one lakh forty thousand necklace by cutting the bag with the blade.

One lakh forty thousand necklace stolen by cutting bag with blade

A necklace worth one lakh forty thousand and other items were stolen from the bag of a woman who was returning to Shivpuri by bus after attending a marriage ceremony from Guna. The woman’s brother has lodged a written complaint about this in the city police station. Police has started investigation in this case of thef

According to information, Ravi Srivastava’s son Ramlakhan Srivastava, a resident of Aichwada in Bairad police station area, told that I and my brother-in-law Amit Srivastava and sister Ragni Srivastava, residents of Chinor, were returning by Yadav bus after attending a relative’s wedding in Guna.

Meanwhile, the helper of the bus told us to take the bags and keep them in the trunk. When he was refused, he kept the bag under the back seat instead of keeping it near our seat.

After reaching Shivpuri, we got down from the bus and reached home where we saw that the bag was cut with a blade. Saw that sister’s gold necklace worth one lakh forty thousand kept inside the bag and five thousand in cash was not found.

When I talked about the theft of luggage from the bag to the staff of the bus, they advised me to complain to the police. The complaint of theft has been registered in City Kotwali. The Kotwali police has started investigating the matter.


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