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Went to jail in a molestation case, started threatening as soon as he was released on bail.

A case of molestation and an attempt to kidnap a girl has come to light in the Bhankrota area.

In Jaipur, a case of molestation and an attempt to kidnap a girl has come to light. On the first complaint of the girl, the Bhankrota police station sent the accused to jail in the molestation case. After coming out on bail, he started misbehaving again. The victim has registered a case against the accused at Bhankrota police station. The police have registered a case of molestation and started an investigation.

Police said that a 22-year-old girl resident of Bhankrota has lodged the report. Some time back he had met Vidhan Khandal. During the conversation, both became friends. It is alleged that Vidhan forcibly took her away and molested her. Whose report was lodged at Bhankrota police station. He was arrested in the case and sent to jail.

After coming out on bail, he started calling and threatening. He started sending threatening messages on social media that if you have a relationship with someone, you will ruin your life. On May 9, attacked the house and tried to kidnap her. Distressed, the girl got a case registered against the accused.


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