Kai Cenat: Police intend to charge Twitch streamer following PS5 giveaway chaos

Police in New York said they intend to prosecute US YouTuber Kai Cenat after a video game console giveaway event he organized caused mayhem.

Thousands of people stormed Union Square in expectation of free PlayStation 5 consoles, hurling bottles, stones, and paint cans.

Mr. Cenat could face many charges of instigating a riot and unlawful assembly.

People began to assemble at 13:00 local time (17:00 GMT) after Mr. Cenat announced on social media, 

 Where he has over 10 million followers and subscribers, he would be handing out 300 PlayStations.

Hundreds of people had gathered on the streets surrounding one of New York's busiest train stations before 15:00.

They climbed cars and the roof of the train station entrance, hurling bottles at responding police officers.

Mr. Cenat was apprehended by police at 17:00. After roughly an hour, the gathering had dispersed.

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