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American professor made ‘world’ record for living underwater, know how he remained alive for 74 days?


Dr. Dituri started this unique journey on March 1.
Had also shared a video related to his plan on Instagram
Testing the long-term effects on the human body of extreme pressure underwater

America. The professor at Florida University has done a unique way to make a new record. According to the report, US Professor Joseph Dituri has set a new record by breaking all previous records of staying underwater for the longest time. He has been living in a lodge built inside the sea of ​​Jules for the last 74 days. Joseph, who is living underwater for a unique biological study, has now decided to take it for 100 days.

According to the report published in NDTV, let us tell you that earlier in 2014, the record for the maximum number of days underwater was broken by two other professors who Made it, which was 73 days old. Dr. Dituri entered a 100-square-foot room 30 feet below the surface at Jules’ Undersea Lodge on March 1 and plans to surface again on June 9 as part of ‘Project Neptune 100’.

In an Instagram post, Dituri wrote, ‘Today is the day to break the record, 73 days Water I am happy that my curiosity has brought me here. My aim has always been to inspire, not only the coming generation but also the scientists who are engaged in research on how the human body works under adverse conditions underwater.

World Record the breaking of is an exciting thing that has proved to be a milestone but my journey will not stop here this journey will continue for 23 more days for people of all ages who want to learn and for my own discovery. ‘

On his 74th day, he ate a meal of protein-rich eggs and salmon, prepared using a microwave, and worked out with resistance bands strapped to his arm, which consisted of daily push-ups. After that, he took an hour’s sleep.

Dituri, popularly known as ‘Dr. Deepsea’, is examining the long-term effects of extreme pressure underwater on the human body and how the body handles it.

For the past 74 days, he has been living in a 100-square-foot room 30 feet below the surface at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, according to a press release from the University of South Florida. On March 1, Dr. Dituri started his unique journey and also shared a video related to his plan on Instagram.

At the same time, the doctors are constantly monitoring his physical changes. During his stay in the water, his urine and blood samples have been continuously sent to the surface for examination.

Not only this, a psychiatrist and psychologist are also noting his mental condition due to his being alone. It is just like a human being lives for a period during space travel.

Dr. Dituri says that the human body has never been underwater for so long, so I will be examined very closely. This study will examine me from every aspect of how this has affected my body, but my hypothesis is that my physical health will improve because of the increased pressure.

He says that although he had fun being underwater, there was one thing that he misses the most, and that is the sun.


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