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Biden canceled the Quad meeting to save America from an economic crisis! China pinches US

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Biden canceled the Quad meeting to save America from an economic crisis! China pinches US

QUAD and America: The meeting of the ‘Quad’ group of countries to be held in Australia has been canceled. The reason behind this is the US President Joe Biden. This meeting has been canceled due to US President Joe Biden not being able to go to Australia for this meeting. America, India, Japan, and Australia are the four member countries in the Quad.

The question arises that what happened all of a sudden that Biden had to cancel the trip suddenly. Let us know what crisis has come over the economic condition of America, how it will affect America, and especially the people living there.

Since America is currently in a serious economic crisis, to deal with this crisis, Biden wants to solve the problem by staying in his own country. For this, he has held a meeting with other parties. For this reason, Biden could not go to attend the quad meeting.

The fund will end after June, what could be the problem for America?

According to the US Treasury Department, the US government will run out of funds after June 1. According to media reports, this means that pensions will be stopped for elderly people, government employees will get delayed in getting a salary, and army people will get delayed in getting a salary. Also, there can be a tremendous jump in the interest rates of America.

Republican and Democrat leaders met with President Biden at the White House on Tuesday. Even after this meeting, no such deal has been reached between the two sides so far, so that the country’s credit limit i.e. borrowing capacity can be increased till June 1.

This is how the idea is being done on recovering from the economic crisis

The US government had reached the debt limit of 31.4 trillion on January 19 this year and since then the Treasury Department was somehow paying all the bills of the country through various accounts. Now the US government is considering various options to deal with this crisis.

China made fun of America

Because of whatever is happening in America, Joe Biden changed his decision to go to the Quad meeting. Due to this, the Quad meeting was canceled. The cancellation of the Quad meeting is news of great benefit for China.

Khin is greatly irritated by the Quad’s meeting. For this reason, he targets the countries of the Quad for the fact that the countries of the Quad are ‘conspiracy’ against him. While the countries of the Quad have refused to create any such conspiracy.

However, this time China has ridiculed America for canceling the Quad meeting because of Biden. The Guardian’s foreign affairs correspondent Daniel Hurst has written an article, ‘ China has won the biggest victory by canceling Biden’s tour of Australia.

It is being written in the Chinese media for America that America, which is struggling with domestic politics and economic crisis, is such a partner, which cannot be depended on and has again abandoned its partners.


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