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Miracle seen in Colombia’s jungle, 4 children found alive two weeks after plane crash

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It has been said that “jako rakhe saiyan…maar sake na koi.” This adage has once again proved true in Colombia. According to officials, about two weeks ago a plane had crashed in Colombia. Apart from the pilot, two passengers were also killed in this tragic accident.

While others were missing. But two weeks after the plane crash in the jungle of Colombia, such a miracle was seen that the onlookers could not believe their eyes.

In fact, two weeks after the plane crash, four children have been found alive in the forest of Colombia. Surprisingly, the youngest of the children found alive is only 11 months old.

More than two weeks after the plane crash in the Colombian jungle, four surviving children were found alive, which has become the subject of much discussion.

After all, how such small children survived in the jungle for about 15 days is nothing less than a miracle.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro shared the picture of these four children. He has written that two weeks after the plane crash, the country’s army, fire department, and civil aviation department officials succeeded in finding these children.

The plane crashed in the forest on May 1
The Colombian plane crashed in a dense jungle on May 1 due to a malfunction, killing the pilot and two other adult passengers on board. This aircraft was a Cessna 206. In this, three persons were found dead inside the aircraft. A total of 7 people including four children were on board the plane.

Among the 4 children who have been found alive after two weeks in the dense forest of Colombia, one child is 11 months old, the second child is 13 years old, the third is 9 years old and the fourth child is just 4 years old.

Four surviving children from the country’s indigenous community may have fled the plane after the crash, officials said and then wandered for help. They were found in the province of Caqueta. He had set out on foot to get help.

President gave credit to the army
“After a difficult search by our military, we have found alive four children who went missing after a plane crash in Guaviare,” Colombian President Gustavo Petro said in a tweet. “A happy moment for the country.”

The plane had issued an immediate Mayday alert before the accident, as it was traveling from Amazon province to a town in Guaviare province.

Dogs as well as airplanes and helicopters from Colombia’s army and air force were involved in the search for the wreckage. Rescuers found makeshift shelters made of discarded fruits and jungle vegetation eaten by the children during their rescue attempt.

The aircraft Cessna 206 was carrying seven people on a route between Arracuara in Mezanes province and San José del Guaviare, a city in Guaviare province, when it triggered an engine failure alert in the early hours of 1 May.


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